The Voyage of Time Travel

Image by Taylor Heery

A Scented Story

“An innate language – was her ability to speak to humans, without words, captivating their souls. Challenging times would strike, but she wasn’t prepared for the responsibility of healing that would be required of her - healing of self and for the people in her village. It was now time to tap into her internal possessions, directly communicating with the ancestors and it was only one vessel that would lead her
there - the motherland. Along the journey, she happened upon a beautifully fragrant flower patch, that reminded her of a garden she’d played in as a young girl. She nostalgically danced and twirled through the garden until a sudden shift happened, a GLITCH of sorts, that teleported her to a paradise within the 7th dimension…Do you believe in TIME TRAVEL? "

See what we did there?


Perfume is a scented story and the Glitch 7 Fragrance House brand prides itself on creating a fragrance narrative of its own, that is unique to the industry. Our formulations are not only conceived on the premise of making our consumers smell amazing, but it is just as important to us, that we make our perfume lovers feel good. And how we accomplish this, is by using scent psychology,  incorporating ingredients that are reminiscent of food, defined as “gourmands” in the accords family. From woody and sweet to spicy florals, we blend a combination of cruelty-free, premium grade fragrance and essential oils that work together to stimulate the happy chemicals in the brain, our translation of a body language - in a bottle.

Ayana Rivera, ‘Chief Perfumer’ of the G7 Fragrance House brand, is a marketing strategist by day, and a self-taught perfumer with the rest of her time. She had a love for fragrances since a child, but what started as a girlie discovery mixing her mother’s perfumes in baby oil, was an early sign that she’d ultimately find her way to mixing her very own signature fragrances. A hobby turned business, Glitch 7 products were first made for Ayana’s personal use, but the spirit hit and urged her to interpret this fragrance language for other perfume lovers – a dialect that would be spoken by both men and women, created for all mankind.


TIME TRAVEL is the very first creation from the Glitch 7 Fragrance House brand. The intro fragrance is a home and body collection consisting of an: EAU DE PARFUM, REED DIFFUSER, and a MOOD ATOMIZER. We put all of our creativity into making our fragrances mysteriously unique – no extravagant advertising or fancy packaging. And the best part - we make our products with love, something we can all appreciate in times like today.

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