“Driven by an unknown force, she had the power to morph into the bodies of strangers through a fragrant potion. There were specific accords that aided in her supernatural abilities - all of which had come to her in a dream…”

A warm breeze of sweet oud is the opener for this sultry creation. The regal, woody nature of agarwood, found in Middle Eastern fragrance traditions is the perfect marriage with the floral
essences of Indonesian patchouli and rose; and the delectable depth of fig and Tonka bean.

Hypnotic. Mysterious.



$125.00 USD
50 ML / 1.7 FL. OZ

Time Travel - Eau De Parfum
tevei-renvoye-oTlkBFUU0p8-unsplash (1).j



$98.00 USD
120 ML / 4.2 OZ

“…healing of self and for the people in her village, it was now time to tap into her internal possessions, directly communicating with the ancestors…”

A blend of premium grade fragrance and essential oils that work together to add a warm floral redolence to your home or any space.

Eau De Parfum Ingredients
+ Rose Hydrosol + Geranium Oil.

Time Travel - Diffuser
Time Travel - D ’Ambiance



$75.00 USD
100 ML / 3.3 FL OZ

“…she happened upon a beautifully fragrant flower patch, that reminded her of a garden she’d played in as a young girl. She nostalgically danced and twirled with a bouquet that she picked until a sudden shift happened, a GLITCH of sorts…”

A refreshing floral mix of rose water and geranium oil, paired with the sweet and woody ingredients in our Eau De Parfum, work together to enhance the mood in any environment.



Glitch 7 Fragrance products are all vegan and formulated by hand in a home lab. Therefore, we only use a combination of absolute fragrance oils and essential oils when compounding our creations. And because we use natural premium grade oils, minus the chemicals that are often used in factories to extend the shelf life, our products are not made in bulk, instead, they are made fresh once ordered and should be stored away from direct light and heat. And if you want to save your precious scent molecules for only special occasions, meaning you will not use for long periods of time, we recommend that you store in the refrigerator. So now, the only thing left to do with your new fragrance treasure is to enjoy! 

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On the subject of being a black-owned perfumery, there are actually many black perfumers, but none have made it to the mainstream. They either don’t know how to go about getting their products positioned in stores or they don’t have a large enough vision for their brand. This is why Glitch 7 Fragrance House has created a ‘perfumers platform’ that will educate aspiring fragrance chemists of color, on how to step up and be seen - or in this case, be smelled! We’re making it “a thing” to be transparent with our audience, on the process behind making all of our creations and how to market them. Be it, how we achieve the tenacity of our scents, to the process of packaging - sharing our journey down perfumery lane, is just another layer of the aromatic experience that we strive to provide.

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